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DC Mag Covers IADC’s Efforts with MODU Reflagging Issue

After the dust settled on the MODU reflagging issue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, IADC’s Vice President of Eastern Hemisphere, Hisham Zebian elaborated on how IADC’s advocacy team coordinated the efforts to ensure Members’ concerns were heard.

What began as a modernization of the KSA’s out-dated maritime laws, propagated into onerous financial and operational restructuring for those operating MODUs in Saudi waters.

In spite of the gratitude IADC and its Members felt at the Saudi government granting of the a 3-year exemption, Zebian mentioned that IADC will continue monitoring any new developments in this commercial and maritime space. The ideal goal being a full non-conditional release for MODUs prior to the 2024 deadline when this 3-year exemption will end.