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Social Media Influencers Tell the Industry’s Story at Drilling Onshore Panel

Social media platforms are a key component for the oil and gas industry as it looks to promote its work to new audiences, particularly the younger audiences that will make up its future workforce. The conference program included social media influencers who discussed how they effectively communicate their experience in the industry. The panel was divided among 4 presenters at the 2022 Drilling Onshore Conference, speaking in front of a crowd of industry executives, members, and other delegates. With only 10 minutes apiece to present on improving communications in the industry, it was obvious that the panelists left a lot of discussion points on the cutting room floor.

In this interview with DC from the 2022 IADC Drilling Onshore Conference on 19 May, Jake Corley, Co-Founder of Digital Wildcatters, spoke about the steps the industry can take to stand out within a fragmented social media landscape. Mr Corley, who participated in a panel of social media influencers at the conference, also explained the importance of producing content that can resonate among potential followers who do not work within the industry.

Jake Corley being interviewed by Drilling Contractor

Video wasn’t the only format where the panelists further elaborated on the topics they covered during the session. Connection Crüe‘s Founder, JP Warren, followed up his appearance at the IADC conference with a blog post titled Why I do what I do, and what is my mission. In his first-hand discussion of the industry’s communication obstacles, Warren injects humanity and vulnerability into how he see his purpose in the industry. His diagnosis for the energy industry improvements was delivered with a humble subjectivity, but one given by a professional who’s seen a variety of roles and work environments. Warren’s blog post concludes with a few takeaways, so the reader can see some actionable tactics for making an impact in the best way they can.

JP Warren speaking during Social Media Influencer panel (photo courtesy of ConnectionCrue.com)

On LinkedIn, the social media platform for professionals, the hosts of the “Flipping the Barrel” Podcast posted follow-ups to their panel appearance with personalized messaging that spoke to the passion and purpose that drives them. Co-host Jamie Elrod posted from her own personal LinkedIn account a brief story of her journey to the moment captured in the photograph posted below. Flipping the Barrel’s other co-host Massiel Diez didn’t post on her personal LinkedIn account, but from the podcast’s LinkedIn page. Despite using the same photograph, the differentiated messaging creates the personal touch that social media is best used for.

Whatever the medium or format, whatever the photo or video, whatever the type of messaging being delivered, the industry could work on improving how it tells its stories amongst itself as well as to those outside of the industry. Because these “influencers” aren’t necessarily telling THE story of the worldwide energy industry, they’re telling A story within it. While the world likes to mark lines in the sand, the Drilling Onshore panel has demonstrated how keeping the conversation going is all that matters.