Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

Australasia Young Professionals Subcommittee Upcoming Virtual Technical Meeting

On 25 January, the IADC Australasia Young Professionals Subcommittee is hosting a virtual Monthly Technical Meeting on the topic of “Conventional Drilling Methods and Managed Pressure Drilling: An Evolution in Techniques.” 

This session will explore how MPD represents a paradigm shift from conventional methods, offering dynamic and responsive strategies in the face of wellbore uncertainties. A significant portion of the meeting will be dedicated to understanding the real results achieved through MPD, particularly in terms of operational efficiency, safety enhancements, and environmental risk mitigation. The discussion will highlight the proactive nature of MPD in responding to influxes, emphasizing its capability to progressively adjust Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) and reserve the option of mud weight escalation within pre-determined limits. 

Join the Australasia YP Subcommittee for an engaging and informative session as they explore the technical intricacies of MPD, its real-world applications, and the promising career opportunities it brings to the forefront of the evolving energy landscape.