Alert 11 – 02 Lifting Operation Results in a Fatality

Alert 11 – 02 Lifting Operation Results in a Fatality


A Service Company Supervisor (Independent Party [IP]) was fatally injured by a load during a lifting operation. The IP was present during the lifting operation to observe the movement of equipment. The Deck Forman directed the IP to a safe location prior to commencing the lift. After the lift began, one of the Roustabouts holding a tag line queried an aspect of the rigging arrangement with the IP. During this brief exchange, one leg of the sling became caught under the cantilever stairway. The IP was out of the direct line-of-sight of the Deck Foreman and for unknown reasons moved into the lift area. When the sling became free, the load swung towards a nearby container and the IP was caught between the load and the container.