Alert 09 – 21 Slip & Trip Results in MTO

Alert 09 – 21 Slip & Trip Results in MTO


A company Team Leader was visiting the project site. After viewing the Texas Deck in the fabrication area, the injured person (IP) was stepping off of the raised support that the structure was sitting on and was attempting to step on the flange of a large beam laying on its side about two feet (0.61 meters) away. His footing slipped and he fell onto the beam, face down, landing on both flanges. His left arm/wrist/hand struck one flange while his left thigh struck the other flange. In addition, it knocked the wind out of him. Other than some obvious soreness, there was no indication of injury. A couple of hours later there was some swelling and redness near the knuckle of the left index finger and a trip to the clinic was made, whereby an ice-pack and tensor bandage was applied. Upon arriving home his wrist was still tender, so he made a visit to the doctor and it was discovered that he had received a minor fracture to a bone in his wrist.