Alert 08 – 24 Derrick Operations Results in a Fatal Incident

Alert 08 – 24 Derrick Operations Results in a Fatal Incident


The operation was pulling out of the hole and racking back drill pipe. After the slips had been set, and before spinning out the pipe, the iron-roughneck operator looked up at the monkey-board, and did not see either the IP or the tugger chain attached to the stand of pipe. He commenced to break the connection and back-out the stand. While the exact sequence of events is not clear, during this process the IP’s left hand became trapped between the pull-back chain and the pipe. The pipe rotation was stopped with the IP’s left hand facing the monkey-board, palm out. The IP was rescued from the monkey-board and given on-board medical attention. The IP was then sent to the hospital ashore via medivac, and subsequently passed away at the hospital.

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