Alert 05 – 02 Dropped Object – Employee Struck by Sling

Alert 05 – 02 Dropped Object – Employee Struck by Sling


A serious incident occurred on a Jackup Drilling rig when an employee was struck in the head by the eye of a ¾” stainless steel sling, resulting in a skull fracture and multiple sutures to the face and hand. The crew was in the process of picking-up and laying-down the #3 Deep Well Pump. A nylon sling was secured to the 6” deep well hose, and the hose was lifted 50 ft through the opening on the main deck. The power supply cable and the safety cable for the deep well pump were tied to the deep well hose with a ½” manila rope. As the hose was lifted the rope parted. As the cables fell through the hole on the main deck the eye on the end of the safety cable struck the employee on the forehead rendering him unconscious.

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