Alert 03 – 02 Laying Down Pipe Results in a Fall

Alert 03 – 02 Laying Down Pipe Results in a Fall


The rig crew was using the air hoist to lay out drill pipe. As the motorman attempted to push a joint of drill pipe out the V-door, the joint of drill pipe was set down on the edge of the V-door so the motorman had to give an extra push on the pipe to help it out the V-door. When the joint moved unexpectedly, the motorman slipped and fell forwarded catching hold of the handrail on the left side of the V-door. The motorman’s momentum carried him out the v-door, where he lost his grip on the handrail. He managed to grab the edge of the V-door as he fell. He slid down the pipe ramp a short way and then lost his grip again, falling approximately 16 feet to the ground. He landed on a BOP trolley. He suffered a broken arm, multiple bruises and a cut on forearm.

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