Alert 02 – 48 Improper Hole Covering Results in Injuries

Alert 02 – 48 Improper Hole Covering Results in Injuries


During a rig move, it was necessary to remove a 3’ circle section of grating between the shale shakers. The cut out piece of grating was replaced over the opening by mistake and not welded back in place. Several hours later a roustabout working on the shaker tank stepped on the piece of grating that had been placed over the opening and fell into the tank. He suffered mild back pain and pain in the right ankle. This was a First Aid Case but could have been much worse. There have been similar incidents: One when the Driller fell 50’ through the rotary table opening while rigging up Kelly, and another when a floorman fell when he stepped on a piece of metal plating that had been placed over an open section in the rig floor.

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