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UBO/MPD Conference to Highlight Completions, Technology Advancements, & Human Factors

The virtual 2021 IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling & Underbalanced Operations Conference & Exhibition will seek to examine the latest developments in the technologies designed to control annular pressure during drilling. This event will focus on timely technical presentations highlighting recent developments and innovations in technology, techniques, training, management systems, and a wide variety of other topics that affect:

  • Underbalanced Drilling Operations (UBO)
  • Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)
  • Dual Gradient Drilling (DGD)

Once considered a futuristic technology, DGD is now a reality with numerous wells drilled, and many exciting prospects on the horizon. New applications of these drilling practices take place every year, and their frequency continues to grow. This conference is a world recognized forum to help the energy industry better understand the technology and the effective, safe utilization of the various applications of UBD, MPD and DGD.

Lessons Learned: What We Have Learned to Make Operations Better During a Pandemic

Panel presentations on how an Operator, Drilling Contractor and Services provider planned, commissioned, and executed new MPD operations during a time of global restrictions on meetings, travel etc. A new way of working that will likely continue as we move on.

Moderator: Martyn Parker, Vice President MPD Services, Pruitt

Akram Nabiyev, Sr. MPD Technical Advisor, Pruitt

Nick Ward, Managed Pressure Drilling Manager, Stena Drilling

Nathan Tuckwell, Wells Engineering Team Lead (Deepwater MPD), Shell

Cementing & Open Hole Gravel Pack

Session Chair: Chris Scarborough, Well Control and MPD SME, BP

An Industry First – A Successful Managed Pressure Horizontal Open Hole Gravel Pack Project: Its Preparation, Integration, Modeling, Procedures, and Execution Results

Chih Cheng Lin, Senior Production Technologist, Javier Vives, Jiten Kaura, Andrew Tallin, Patrick Campbell, Christine Hahn, Eduardo Jimenez, Nilesh Kadam, Jenny Byargeon, Buster Stewart, Derrek Karber, Adam Pittman, Roger Van Noort, Sacha Luces, Shell Exploration & Production Company, John Prince, Chevron North America, Dan Benson, John Weirich, Chevron Corporation, Alicia Joseph, Nurtas Mukashev, Robert Douglas Gillette, Yeneapre Apremu Aye, Schlumberger Technology Corp, Dave Smith, Enhanced Drilling

Case History of Controlled Mud Level (CML) for the Drilling of Multiple Deepwater Horizontal Wells in Shallow Formations below the Mudline with Narrow Drilling Margins, and for the Running and Cementing of Casing under MPD Conditions

Dave Smith, Business Development Manager, Americas, Wylie Cameron, Enhanced Drilling, Michael Teoh, Christopher Kelly, Cody Sloan, Shell

Reclaiming the Operating Window: a Managed Pressure Cementing Workflow to Achieve Zonal Isolation Success in a Mature Field

  • Jeffrey Smith, Drilling Engineer,
  • Lucas Rossi Cementing Design Engineer, Schlumberger
  • Todd Eberhardt, Senior Technical Specialist – Cementing
    with Chris Mehler, Chris Scarborough, Jacob Leemhuis, Wael Essam, BP

Eastern Hemisphere Case Studies

Session Chair: André Alonso Fernandes, MPD technical authority group coordinator, Petrobras

A New Condition Monitoring System Improves the Reliability of the RCD Element During the MPD Jobs:

Krzysztof Machocki, Science Specialist, Aramco Overseas Company Zahrah Marhoon, Amjad Shaarawi, Ossama Sehsah, Saudi Aramco, Jamal Uddin Muhammad, Weatherford, Tom Dixon, EFC

Successful First Implementation of MPD Technology Offshore Australia: Regulatory, Technical and Operational Lessons Learned:

Henry Pinkstone, Principal Well Engineer & MPD Specialist, WellSpec, Konstantin Puskarskij, Maersk Drilling, David Edge, Michael Pope, INPEX, Helio Santos, SafeKick, Phil McKenzie, RPS Group

First Managed Pressure Cementing with 7” Liner Overcoming a Challenging ERD Well Offshore Madura:

Galih Samudera, Drilling Fluid Engineer, Petronas, Helmi Fauzi, Irwan Rubianto, Schlumberger, Hafidz Ali, M Zarir B Musa, Petronas Carigali Indonesia


Session Chair: Chris Scarborough, Well Control and MPD SME, BP

Using MPD Techniques for Lower Completion Replacement: Unleashing A Powerful New Solution For Challenging Workover Interventions:

Eduardo Schnitzler, Technical Advisor for Completions, André Alonso Fernandes, Guilherme Bolfarini Harami, Paulo Henrique Pereira da Silva, Renato Storani de Almeida, Roger Savoldi Roman, Willian Medina Ascâneo, Petrobras

The Integration of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Automated Well Control Technology:

Bryan Atchison, Managing Director, Safe Influx, Chad Wuest, Weatherford

Triple MPD Technique for Drilling and Intelligent Completion Deployment on an Abandoned Deepwater Well:

André Alonso Fernandes, MPD technical authority group coordinator, Eduardo Schnitzler, Marcos Vinicius Barreto, Roger Savoldi Roman, Willian Medina Ascaneo, Leandro Grabarski, Fabio Fabri, Petrobras

Technology Advancements

Session Chair: Leiro Medina, Vice President Technology, Beyond Energy Services

Integrating an MPD System on a Jack-Up Rig; Why You Should and How You Can:

Jason Polkinghorne, MPD Specialist, Michael Cadd, Robert Graham, Shell U.K. Ltd, Emil Stoian, Weatherford, Richard Sandell, Blade Energy Partners, Jason Nugent, Valaris

Analysis of Riser Gas Pressure from Full-scale Kick Experiments with Instrumentation:

Mahendra Kunju, Research Assistant, Dr. Mauricio Almeida, Louisiana State University

Systematic Build-Up Pressure Analysis Advances Accurate Fingerprinting of Formation Breathing in Gas Wells:

Maria Retuta, MPD Specialist, Leiro Medina, Beyond Energy

Use of Models in Drilling Operations

Session Chair: Isabel Poletzky, MPD Operations Manager, Pruitt

Challenges and Opportunities Related to Use of Models in Drilling Operations:

Maria Ottermo, Researcher, SINTEF, Knut Steinar Bjørkevoll, SINTEF Industry, Tor Onshus, NTNU, Cybernetics and Robotics

Real-Time Multi-Event Anomaly Detection Using Elliptic Envelope and A Deep Neural Network for Enhanced MPD Robustness:

Qifan Gu, Graduate Research Assistant, Amirhossein Fallah, Pradeepkumar Ashok, Dongmei Chen, Eric van Oort, University of Texas at Austin