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Event Recap: DEC Q4 Tech Forum Discusses “Drilling’s Role in CCUS and Geothermal”

On 1 November, IADC’s Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) hosted its Q4 Tech Forum, “Drilling’s Role in CCUS and Geothermal.” This hybrid event focused on reviewing impacts of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and geothermal on drilling engineers, as well as on current and future drilling operations.

The following presentations were given throughout the half-day forum: 

  • “Overview and Highlights of EGS Geothermal Drilling at FORGE 16B(78)-32,” Sam Noynaert, Texas A&M University Petroleum Engineering
  • “The Insulated Drill Pipe for Drilling Deeper and Hotter – Field Experience and Thermal Model Validation,” Alex Vetsak, Eavor
  • Geothermal Panel Discussion:
    • Cindy Taff, Sage Geothermal
    • Ashok Santra, Aramco Americas
    • Christian Gadl, Fervo Energy
    • Mark Hodder, Eavor
    • Moderator: Scott Beautz, National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • “Efficiently Translating Petroleum Drilling Technologies to Adjacent Applications in Energy Transition, Carbon Sequestration and Geothermal,” Shaun Toralde, Weatherford
  • CCUS Panel Discussion:
    • Daniel Guier, ConocoPhillips
    • Jens Hedegaard, Noble Corp
    • Misty Rowe, Halliburton
    • Shaun Toralde, Weatherford
    • Blake Mock, Canamera Coring
    • Moderator: Marcus Howell, Patterson-UTI

A light lunch followed the presentations. Special thanks to our event host Wellbore Integrity Solutions!