Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

Drilling Engineers Committee to Host Tech Forum in March

IADC’s Drilling Engineers Committee will host its first tech forum of the year on 28 March at Weatherford (2000 St. James Place, Houston) at 8:30am CST. Attendees may participate either in person (seating is limited) or virtually. Event details can be found on IADC’s website, where registration will be available soon.

Why We Do What We Do

Drillers find ways to get things done. They also find ways to break things like they’ve never been broken before! Technologies and techniques have been deployed with great promise, expecting to revolutionize the industry, only to meet insurmountable challenges. What lessons learned would we all want to tell our younger selves?

This forum is meant to share things we’ve all learned along the way so the next generation can benefit from hard roads traveled. It is designed to be informal, social and fun. The stories should share enough technical details to educate the audience, with enough left unsaid to protect the innocent. Understanding from our past incidents and ability to fail, as well as learn fast, is key to finding agile ways of working and creating a culture of innovation.