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Call for Abstracts for “Drilling Hazards” Tech Forum

The Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) is asking for industry input for their Q2 Tech Forum. Established to advance new technology related to drilling wells, the DEC Tech Forum opens the event to foster a collaborative dialogue across regions and specialties.

With the advances in technology and continued development in unconventional plays, how is the ever-evolving drilling industry approaching well design to address changing drilling environments?

This forum will explore the changes in well design from changes in philosophy, technology and risk. Clearly, well designs are constantly evolving, and well-site operational practices have improved (lost-circulation materials, mud weights/properties, stress cage, controlled drilling practices, managed pressure drilling,…) to mitigate exposure and risk. Some operators are calling for state or regulatory tracking of well influxes and lost-circulation zones so that hazards can be identified to avoid surprises drilling in the known areas., i.e. frac hits or salt water flows. In known hazard areas, operators are using “water strings” and other contingencies to manage risk.

As an industry, how can we quantify risk so that appropriate well designs can be planned and selected? How are we utilizing technology today to mitigate drilling hazards, and what other influences borne out of the significant impacts over the last couple of years have manifested themselves across the well delivery process?

Drilling engineering problems that could be explored in this forum include:

  • Subsurface hazards
  • Offset wells
  • Drilling technology
  • Bit design
  • Fluids
  • Imaging technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Supply chain constraints and impacts
  • New AI rigs and their ability to cope with unexpected drilling hazards
  • Ability to analyze big data to identify risks

Abstracts are invited for presentations to address these questions at the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee’s Q2 Technology Forum.

This event will be hybrid: held in-person at Wellbore Integrity Solutions and online via Zoom. To attend, make sure to register above. Zoom log-in information cannot be shared; each log-in passcode will be unique to the registered attendee.

Deadline for abstract submission is Friday, 6 May.

For questions or more information, contact Linda Hsieh at linda.hsieh@iadc.org.