Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

Training Provider Audit Cost Reduction

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the drilling industry is experiencing significant impacts to the way we operate and many businesses have become financially strained. IADC is working to identify cost-reduction opportunities in an effort to support Members during these challenging times. One of these opportunities is to reduce the cost of training provider audits, without sacrificing quality.

As such, all accreditation program audits held for the remainder of 2020 will be held electronically using Zoom, Skype or other viable alternatives that are reasonably accessible by both auditors and training providers. The use of electronic audits helps ensure the safety of IADC Accredited Companies as well as our Auditors, while maintaining expected quality levels.  In addition, the temporary use of electronic auditing allows IADC to eliminate additional expenses, such as travel costs.

A second way providers will experience a reduction in cost is from reduced audit day rates across all accreditation programs. IADC auditors and third-party auditing partner, Lloyd’s Register, understand the need for cost reduction due to the current state of the industry and share a desire to keep the industry operating. Changes in audit day rates will be communicated to accredited training providers receiving an audit in 2020.

While some cost-reduction methods are temporary, IADC will work to identify additional opportunities to reduce costs for Members in the future.