Instructing for Safety

Instructing for Safety

People do unsafe things for several reasons:

  1. They are not aware that what they are doing is wrong.
  2. They misunderstand instructions.
  3. They do not consider the instructions to be important.
  4. They are not given specific instructions.
  5. They deliberately disregard instructions.
  6. They are not aware of the new hazards that may have developed due to change in an operation (Management of Change). Possibly a new Job Safety Analysis is needed for the task.

These reasons may cause these situations:

  1. They may never have learned to do the job right.
  2. They may have learned it once, but not well enough for safe work habits to stick.
  3. They may have learned to do the job safely under normal conditions but have never realized the danger of certain unsafe acts combined with unusual job conditions.
  4. They do not realize the risks created by a change in equipment or the task.

Job instruction is important.  Each job should be started with these points:

  1. Management and the crew are determined to prevent drilling accidents because they are bad for all concerned.
  2. Most of the crew here have never suffered a lost time accident at work
  3. To avoid getting hurt, each crew member must look out for his own safety and that of the rest of the crew.
  4. Job Safety Analysis should be completed for tasks.
  5. Job instruction will include safety instructions as an integral part.
  6. Safety instruction is neither faultfinding nor reprimanding.
  7. No person will attempt to operate any equipment without instructions and authorization from his driller.
  8. If the task is changed, step back and analyze potential new risks (hazards) created by the change.
  9. Persons must report anything unsafe about the rig.
  10. All injuries must be reported to the driller.
  11. Discuss company policy for issuing personal protective equipment.