Alert 12 – 08 Supply Boat Pulls Platform Crane Overboard

Alert 12 – 08 Supply Boat Pulls Platform Crane Overboard


During routine lifting operations on a production platform, which involved offloading a 20 foot basket from a supply boat, the basket turned around when the crane started lifting it and hooked inside an escape opening in the rail. The supply boat moved down on the swell at the same time as the crane lifted. The crane operator lowered the lift back on the deck and tried to lift it again. The basket hooked inside the opening, seconds later the crane fell in to the sea. The crane-operator managed to escape without injuries.
The vessel was still connected to the crane (now on the sea bed) as the hook and wire from the crane were connected to the cargo and hanging out over the stern of the vessel. Later the crane wire broke. Because of the potential risk to the vessel’s crew members, the crane wire was not cut by the vessel’s deck crew. The basket remained on the supply boat deck. As a result of the crane falling into the sea, a small oil spill was reported (0.6ltr). This incident is considered a high risk incident and relevant investigations have started up.