Alert 12 – 02 Disregard for Energy Isolation Procedures Results in Amputation

Alert 12 – 02 Disregard for Energy Isolation Procedures Results in Amputation


The derrick man was replacing a small hatch cover, which had been removed to clean out the auger on the horizontal conveyor in the sack room. The conveyor had backed up due to chemicals absorbing moisture because of the humidity and heat. The chemicals blocked the operation of the auger and had to be “dug out” from the hatch cover by using a special tool fit for the job. To determine that the auger was free, the auger was engaged and the derrick man observed it through the cleanout opening. Once it was determined that the auger was operating properly, the derrick man decided to put the hatch cover back in place; however, he failed to shut down the auger with the E-stop prior to reinstalling the cover. With the system still running he began to reinstall the cover, which resulted in his left index finger coming in contact with the rotating auger and resulting in his losing the tip of his index finger.