Alert 11 – 17 Finger Injury During 9 ⅝” Casing Run

Alert 11 – 17 Finger Injury During 9 ⅝” Casing Run


The rig crews were working along with the casing contractor crews to run 9 5/8” casing into the well. After stabbing in the 20th stand of casing, the injured person (IP) was guiding the tong to the stabbed casing by holding onto the right side handle of the power tong. Unfortunately, the IP’s left middle finger was trapped between the power tong handle and the casing surface injuring his finger tip resulting in open wound. He immediately went to the rig clinic where he received first aid treatment and referred to the onshore medical clinic for further medical evaluation where he was administered sutures. X-rays also confirmed that there were no fractures.