Alert 10 – 16 Use of an Improper Tool Results in Hand Injury

Alert 10 – 16 Use of an Improper Tool Results in Hand Injury


The rig activity at the time of the incident was pulling out of the hole and laying down 16” BHA. The drill crew was up to the Near Bit Reamer (NBR). The rig crew started to retrieve the float from the NBR which was still in the elevators. A floor crewman had a hex wrench with a 13-5/8” 3mm ring gasket welded onto it and hooked it into the float to act as a puller.
The derrickman was using a sledge hammer to hit the 13-5/8” ring gasket to knock-out the float. The derrickman placed his hand on the handle next to the head of the hammer. When he swung the hammer, he missed the ring that he was attempting to hit and his finger was caught between the handle of hammer and the ring. The impact caused swelling to his right index finger.