Alert 09 – 03 Pipe Falls off Catwalk Resulting in an LTI

Alert 09 – 03 Pipe Falls off Catwalk Resulting in an LTI


Rig personnel were in the process of laying down 5” DP and the injured person (IP) was working in catwalk area attempting to remove lifting caps. The employee operating the rig floor winch lowered the 5″ drill pipe down the V-door slide to the catwalk and two nipples were placed under the pipe. Then the IP started to remove the lifting cap from the 5″ drill pipe by standing on cat-walk with the drill pipe between his feet. He attempted to turn the lifting cap with his hands, but he failed to realize that he was moving the opposite end of the pipe on the rack. The pin end of the drill pipe fell off the side of the cat-walk causing the box end of the pipe to strike the IP legs. The pipe knocked the IP to the ground and then the pipe fell to the ground hitting and breaking his left leg.