Alert 06 – 05 Dropped Bushing Results in Amputation of Toes

Alert 06 – 05 Dropped Bushing Results in Amputation of Toes


Operation at the time of the incident was pulling out of the hole with BHA and the Injured Person (IP) had just arrived on the rig floor to assist in the operation. A stand consisting of 2 DC and a hydraulic jar accelerator were being pulled through the rotary table when he arrived. The IP was standing with his left foot back on the non-skid mat and his right foot partially on the rotary. He was watching the driller waiting for him to signal to set the slips. The driller slowed the pulling speed as the jars came into the rotary table. The exposed mandrel of the accelerator came through the rotary but the lower squared shoulder of the outer body hung up on the underside of the inner bowl which were locked into position, thus lifting the master bushing approx. 6”–8”. The sound of the accelerator contacting the bushings appeared to startle the IP who attempted to step backward quickly. He lost his footing, falling on the rig floor and thrusting his foot forward and under the bushings. Simultaneously the bushing fell to it’s normal position trapping the IP’s right foot. The IP’s foot was trapped underneath the bushing, damaging his steel toe safety boot and amputating two of his right toes. The IP was treated on board and was subsequently Medevac onshore for further medical treatment.

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