Alert 04 – 50 Stabbing Board Fall to Rig Floor Results in Fatality and Serious Injury

Alert 04 – 50 Stabbing Board Fall to Rig Floor Results in Fatality and Serious Injury


While running 14” casing the electrical hoist of the casing stabbing board failed. After a first attempt to repair the motor without success, the management onboard the rig decided to proceed with the operations replacing the electrical hoist with a manual chain block. The derrick man with the help of the driller and of an electrician connected the manual hoist to the electrical hoist at approx. 15 meters (50 ft) above the rig floor. As soon this operation was completed the casing job resumed. The derrick man had to lift the casing stabbing board to disconnect the single joint elevator and connect the elevator. To lift the board, he disengaged the upper safety dogs that were keeping the platform in position. As soon he completed this operation the stabbing board slipped approximately 40 cm (16 in) before the chain snapped and the stabbing board fell. The driller who was standing between the doghouse and the rotary table in order to supervise the casing operation was struck and thrown to the drill floor. He struck his head against the platform used for the casing operations located near the rotary table and sustained fatal injuries. The derrick man was seriously injured and was evacuated by helicopter.

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