Alert 04 – 32 Cargo Handling Incident

Alert 04 – 32 Cargo Handling Incident


Backloading of 9 5/8″ casing onto the supply boat was taking place. Each lift consisted of 5 pieces of casing (3 on bottom, 2 on top) pre-slung with wire straps secured with wire clamps (bulldog clips). Deck space was available starboard aft. The boat had a slight list to starboard to prevent casing shifting amidships. No stanchions were fitted in the deck. The tenth load was landed on top of previously loaded bundles of casing. As the deck crewman approached the bundle to unhook it a bundle of casing – still within its wire straps – started to shift, rolling over onto the man trapping his legs. The bundle that had just been lifted had to be unhooked before the bundle on the man’s legs could be lifted clear. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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