Alert 04 – 02 Fall Results in Serious Injury

Alert 04 – 02 Fall Results in Serious Injury


The injured party (IP), a scaffolding foreman, and another scaffolder were working on the skid beam on a platform. They were to remove two temporary sea fastenings. The work was originally planned as a job for the hook-up and commissioning contractor with the scaffolders on a call-out to build scaffolding to allow the commissioning contractor to carry out the job from a fixed platform. After the IP visited the site, he assessed that the scaffolders could do the job using harnesses instead of building scaffolding for the commissioning crew (the building of this would also require the use of harnesses). He agreed this change with the construction supervisor but there was no follow-up conversation with the permit authorities. The first job was carried out successfully. During the second job, one of the bolts was tight and the IP asked for a second spanner wrench. During this operation one of the spanners slipped and the IP lost his balance and fell backwards into the opening to the platform deck 13.5m (45 feet) below, hitting an inclined support beam on the way down which partially broke his fall. Actual outcome: Fractured pelvis with a high potential for a fatality.

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