Alert 03 – 26 Laying Down Cut-Off Casing Joint Results in a Fatality

Alert 03 – 26 Laying Down Cut-Off Casing Joint Results in a Fatality


A 5m cut-off joint of 9 5/8″ casing was suspended in a set of 150 ton third party elevators. The cut-off end rested in front of the drawworks with the blocks raised and the elevator latch was facing the drawworks while the mouse hole and conductor barrel were being removed. The Driller called a crewmember to the rig floor to assist in laying down the cut-off joint of casing onto the catwalk. As the Driller raised the blocks so the cut-off end cleared the rotary table, the crewman pushed the joint of casing towards the V-door. As the joint was pushed toward the V-door and the blocks were being lowered to the rig floor, the elevator door opened and the joint of casing fell to the rig floor. The worker was knocked down to the floor. Emergency response procedures were immediately initiated and emergency support arrived on location shortly after the incident. The worker later died from his injuries.

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