Alert 02 – 40 Roustabout on Top of Pipe on Rack Results in an LTI

Alert 02 – 40 Roustabout on Top of Pipe on Rack Results in an LTI


While laying down the BHA preparing for an upcoming casing job, two roustabouts were working the catwalk receiving the tubulars laid down off the drill floor. A roustabout was positioned on each end of a drill collar while it was on the catwalk. They proceeded to sling up the tubular for lifting onto the pipe rack. Once they had attached a sling & tag line on each end, the roustabout nearest the V-Door gave the crane operator the signal to hoist up the load. The tubular was hoisted and spotted onto the pipe rack with both roustabouts utilizing the tag lines to position the load. Both roustabouts scaled the pipe rack to release the rigging on the tubular and prepared for their next lift.

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