Alert 02 – 21 Dropped Object From Snubbing Unit

Alert 02 – 21 Dropped Object From Snubbing Unit


There was a recent serious near miss involving a dropped object. While rigging up a snubbing unit on the rig floor, a door fell some 60 feet and glanced off one of our employee’s hardhat and shoulder. As the Top Drive was raised to accommodate the snubbing unit pipe handling system the rig’s Kelly hose dragged on the side of the snubbing basket’s Emergency Escape Pod Entry Panel (20” x 20” +/- 10 lbs.). This caused the door to be picked up and turned inward slightly. An employee with the snubbing unit was trying to keep the hose away from the unit while the Kelly was being picked up. When the Kelly hose passed the top of the door, the door came out and fell. It was deflected and slowed by hydraulic and steel hoses before it struck our employee.

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