Alert 02 – 05 Deep Well Pump Repair Results in a Fatality

Alert 02 – 05 Deep Well Pump Repair Results in a Fatality


One of the Deep Well Pumps became inoperative and an Unplanned Maintenance Report was raised to replace it. The task is considered routine and a standard Job Safety Analysis (JSA) describing the procedure to be followed was on file. Prior to commencing the task a pre-job meeting including review of the JSA was held. The procedure laid out in the JSA, was to use a crane to pull the PVC pipe from the well disconnecting one section at a time. The last joint, with the pump/motor still attached was to be removed together and placed on the deck. Once on the deck the pump/motor was to be detached from the PVC pipe. Due to the rig working in about twenty-five feet of water, the top of the Deep Well Pump Tower was approximately forty-two feet above the main deck.

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