Alert 00 – 22 LTI Shear Point – Lost Finger

Alert 00 – 22 LTI Shear Point – Lost Finger


A forklift operator was assisting a crane operator to straighten the cable on the spool of the crane by guiding it into the drum. When finished, the forklift operator placed his hand on the telescopic boom of the crane as he stepped down off the crane. He had inadvertently placed his finger in a grease hole in the square outer boom as the crane operator retracted the inner section of the crane boom. As the inner section of the boom passed into the outer section, a shear point was created in the grease hole. The employee’s index finger being in the grease hole was snipped off between tip and middle knuckle. The finger was reconnected to his hand, but the finger did not survive. The incident was classified as an LTI.

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