Political Action Committee

Political Action Committee

DrillersPAC is the official political action committee (PAC) of the U.S. drilling industry. As a non-partisan, federally registered PAC that supports individuals running for state and federal office, the purpose of DrillersPAC is to support candidates who champion the safe and responsible development of the world’s energy resources.

Supporting DrillersPAC strengthens the ability of rig owners and energy workers to defend their interests in Washington, DC. The PAC is governed by a board of trustees comprised of a rotating roster of volunteer executives from both public and private onshore and offshore drilling companies.

Password required for donations. Click HERE to request your password.

All PAC contributions must be voluntary and must be made by U.S. citizens or permanent residents (Green Card holders). Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from outside the restricted class and such contributions will be returned to the donor. Individuals outside the restricted class must be IADC members prior to solicitation of contributions. Prior approval forms must be signed by companies in order for employees to contribute. DrillersPAC is required to report annual aggregate donations of $200 or more to the FEC.

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