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IADC is the voice of the drilling industry, facilitating impactful advocacy across the growing number of countries where drilling operations take place.

With staff in place across the world, IADC is at the forefront of influencing sensible and fair regulations for the drilling industry.

Engaging with government officials and regulators, IADC strives to develop ongoing dialogue on issues critical to the industry and advocate for better regulatory practices.


Date Material Posted Subject
14 November 2022 Joint Industry Comment Submission to the Proposed BSEE Revisions of the Blowout Preventer Systems and Well Control Regulations
20 September 2022 IADC Comments to the U.S. EPA Consultation on the offshore NPDES Draft Permit for the Western & Central U.S. GoM
16 June 2022 IADC Comment Submission to the U.S. SEC Climate Risk Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
9 May 2022 IADC Comment Submission to U.S. SEC Cybersecurity Risk Consultation
22 November 2019 Joint Trades Comment Submission to the 23 October 2019 Customs Bulletin and Decisions Notice
20 November 2019 IADC Comment Submission to the 23 October 2019 U.S. Customs Bulletin and Decisions Notice
2 November 2018 IADC South Central Asia Chapter’s request for India’s Director General of Aviation to reconsider Helicopter Approach Path Indicator System Requirements
24 October 2018 IADC Comments to OMB’s Request for Information on U.S. Maritime Regulatory Reform
7 August 2018 20180806 Joint Trades letter to BSEE on BOP & Well Control Rulemaking
27 June 2018 27 June 2018 IADC Request for extension to OMB/OIR regarding Maritime Reform Request for Information
6 June 2018 30 May 2018 IADC Comments to docket BOEM-2017-0063 regarding the Alaska OCS Call for Information
31 May 2018 Department of Defense Eastern GoM Offshore Compatibility Report
14 March 2018
23 February 2018 Joint IADC, API, IPAA, PESA, US O&G, OOC and NOIC letter to the Office of Management & Budget regarding EO 13795 and the anticipated BSEE Blowout Preventer Systems and Well Control Rule.
22 February 2018 22 February 2018 Trade Letter to House and Senate Committee on Appropriations Regarding Support for the Commercial Vessel Incident Discharge Act (CVIDA)
12 January 2-18 IADC South Central Asia Chapter letter of 12 January 2018 to India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation seeking relaxation of reqirements for Helicopter Approach Path Indicators and Obstacle Surveys
12 December 2016 IADC letter to India’s DG-Shipping regarding draft Merchant Shipping Bill, 2016’s proposed extension of cabotage to MODUs
6 November 2017 6 November 2017 Joint Trade letter to Chairman Bishop and Ranking Member Grijalva; Support of H.R. 4239
11 October 2017
11 September 2017 20170911 IADC comments to docket USCG-2017-0480 regarding USCG regulatory reform rulemaking
16 August 2017 16 August 2017 U.S. House Republican letter to Secretary Zinke; 5 Year OCS Plan
3 August 2017 3 August 2017 Coalition Letter to Senate on Nominations
28 July 2017 28 July 2017 U.S. House Democratic letter to Secretary Zinke; 5 Year OCS plan
26 July 2017 26 July 2017 Senate Letter to Secretary Zinke; 5 Year OCS Plan
26 July 2017 26 July 2017 Joint Industry Comments to NOAA: Review of Sanctuary Expansion
10 July 2017 20170710 – IADC comments to docket EPA-2017-0217 Region-6 Reissuance of NPDES General Permit GMG 290000
5 July 2017 5 July 2017 – IADC response to NOAA request for comments regarding incidental taking of marine mammals during geophysical surveys in Atlantic Ocean
6 June 2017 IADC South Central Asia Chapter letter of 17 February 2017 to the Indian Department of Revenue implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST)
17 May 2017 IADC International Tax Committee letter to the European Commission (DG Competition) supporting the proposed expansion of the Danish tonnage tax to include mobile drilling rigs
17 May 2017 Joint IADC, API, IPAA, PESA, US O&G, OOC and NOIC letter to the Department of Interior regarding Secretarial Order 3350 & the BSEE Blowout Preventer Systems and Well Control Rule.
15 May 2017 15 May 2017 Trade Comments filed to the Docket: Evaluation of Existing EPA Regulations
23 May 2017
21 April 2017 IADC South Central Asia Chapter letter providing comments on the Merchant Shipping Bill 2016
18 April 2017
14 February 2017 IADC response to Australian Tax Office consultation on Transfer pricing and profit attribution guidance in relation to foreign resident vessels operating in Australia and cross boarder asset leasing
28 July 2016
16 June 2016 Joint API, IADC, IPAA, NOIA, PESA, AXPC, IAGC and USOGA comments on the Proposed Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Program for 2017-2022
7 May 2015 IADC Comments on the USCG proposed rule on Requirements for MODUs and Other Vessels Conducting Outer Continental Shelf Activities with Dynamic Positioning Systems [Docket No. USCG-2014-0063]
IADC – ACD letter dtd 8 SEP 2014 to docket USCG-2013-0175 regarding Training & Manning of Personnel on MOUs and OSVs on US OCS
IADC comments to USCG-2013-0175 Training of Personnel and Manning on Mobile Offshore Units and Offshore Supply Vessels Engaged in U.S. Outer Continental Shelf Activities
9 December 2013 9 December 2013 IADC letter to Docket USCG-2012-0779 regarding SEMS Requirements for Vessels on the U.S. OCS
1 December 2013 IADC Guideline for MODUs subject to the EPA NPDES Permit Requirements for Discharges Incidental to Normal Vessel Operations (Vessel General Permit)
15 January 2013 9 JAN 2013 USCG response that confirms BW Management Regulations do NOT apply beyond territorial seas (12NM)
15 March 2010 The IADC Companion to the 2009 MODU Code facilitates understanding of the new MODU Code by clearly identifying the differences between its predecessor, the 1989 MODU Code, and the 2009 MODU Code in a highlighted/strikethrough format. Footnotes are provided that indicate the intended purpose of the change and identify the source documentation for the change. The Companion to the 2009 MODU Code is provided on a compact disk which also contains copies of the referenced source documents. Single copy of the CD – US $200, plus S&H. Additional copies to same address – US $10, plus S&HThe Companion CD is available for purchase by contacting IADC Publications at or by phone at +1-713-292-1945 (Fax: +1-713-292-1946).
18 June 2007


Resource Link / File Resource
Oil Spill Commission Action-The oil Spill Commission Action (OCSA) project is an outgrowth of the National Commission (above) supported of many of the original Commissioners. Website
The Vanuatu Registry Website
The Panama Registry Website
The Liberia Registry Website
The Bahamas Registry Website
Republic of the Marshall Islands Website
University of California, Berkeley — Center for Catastrophic Risk Management Website
National Academy of Engineering– Analysis of Causes of Deepwater Horizon Explosion, Fire, and Oil Spill to Identify Measures to Prevent Similar Accidents in the Future Website
Transportation Research Board Special Report 309:
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Offshore Safety and Environmental Management Systems
UK Health and Safety Executive – Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico
The Health and Safety Executive’s Offshore Division is monitoring the situation in the Gulf of Mexico following the fatal explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in April 2010 and has created a website to report on its findings, observations and actions.


Resource Link / File Resource
31 October 2018 – Federal Regulatory Actions Impacting Offshore Drilling (40 pages)
This report provides a reference summary that reflects the regulatory actions, announced in the Federal Register by US governmental agencies, which may affect operations in the offshore oil and gas industries.
1 AUG 2017 International Offshore Regulatory Summary Report (45 Pages)
This report provides a handy reference to international regulatory and standards development activities of various organizations with the potential to affect offshore oil and gas operations (e.g., various UN agencies, including the International Maritime Organization, International Labor Organization, the International Organization for Standardization, API, and various international trade associations.
17 August 2011
“Deepwater Horizon Study Group Final Report on the Investigation of the Macondo Well Blowout”
1 March 2011
Interim Report on Causes of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Blowout and Ways to Prevent Such Events
16 November 2010
Macondo Well-Deepwater Horizon Blowout: Lessons for Offshore Drilling Safety
14 December 2011
Preliminary conclusions by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) and action recommended after the Deepwater Horizon accident (English summary)
9 June 2011
SINTEF Executive Summary of report commissioned by the Petroleum Safety Authority
May 2011
The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway’s concluding report on its follow-up of the Deepwater Horizon accident
February 2014

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