Advocacy: Onshore

IADC is the voice of the drilling industry, facilitating impactful advocacy across the growing number of countries where drilling operations take place.

With staff in place across the world, IADC is at the forefront of influencing sensible and fair regulations for the drilling industry.

Engaging with government officials and regulators, IADC strives to develop ongoing dialogue on issues critical to the industry and advocate for better regulatory practices.

Onshore: North America



Date Material Posted Subject
16 June 2022 IADC Comment Submission to the U.S. SEC Climate Risk Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
9 May 2022 IADC Comment Submission to U.S. SEC Cybersecurity Risk Consultation
26 June 2013 FWS Response to Udall-Inhofe
In this letter the Fish & Wildlife Service informed Senator Udall & Senator Inhofe that it will give a six month extension on comments before it makes its ruling on whether or not to list the lesser prairie chicken as a threatened species.
13 March 2013 Lesser Prairie-Chicken
Industry associations comment to the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s (“FWS” or “the Service”) Proposed Rule to List the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (“LPC on the Lesser Prairie-Chicken as a Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”).

OSHA Documents

Date Material Posted Subject
12 September 2014 21 July 2014 NAICS 2017 Update Comments
28 March 2014 28 March 2014 IADC Comments to OSHA 2013-0020 Process Safety Management
11 March 2014 7 March 2014 IADC Comments to OSHA 2013-0023 Electronic Reporting
22 January 2014 IADC GRA Meeting with OSHA in Washington DC
22 January 2014 IADC Responds to OSHA’s Request for Additional Ladder Information
17 December 2013 OSHA Proposes to Change Workplace Incident Reporting
17 December 2013 Federal Register 78 Proposed Record Keeping Rule Change
17 December 2013 OSHA Question on Reporting Timetable 2013
11 December 2013 OSHA Thinking About Removing Oil & Gas Exemption to PSM
11 December 2013 Federal Register 78 Proposed Process Safety Management and Prevention of Major Chemical Accidents Rule Change
1 October 2012 OSHA Ladder Permanent Variance IADC
1 October 2012 OSHA Ladder Permanent Variance Application Form
1 October 2012 OSHA Ladder Permanent Variance Application Checklist
12 September 2011 IADC comments to Docket OSHA-2010-0019 regarding Occupational Injury & Illness recording and reporting requirements
12 November 2010 OSHA Second response to IADC re 1926 applicability to drilling
25 October 2010 C Second Request FRC letter
19 October 2010 OSHA Second Response to IADC FR Letter
29 July 2010 IADC Letter to OSHA on 1926
21 May 2010 HA initial reply to IADC FRC letter
12 April 2010 IADC FRC Letter to OSHA 12 04 2010
19 March 2010 OSHA FRC national enforcement memo
9 December 2008 OSHA Initial reply to IADC re 29CFR1926 applicability to drilling


State Oil & Gas Drilling Rules

Date Material Posted Subject
22 March 2016 RRC Rule 13 Clarification of Well Control Issues
On 29 February 2016, IADC received correspondence from the Texas Railroad Commission confirming Clarifications of Well Control Issues submitted by the IADC Rule 13 Task Group. Continuing summary meetings by the IADC Technical Review Team and the Texas RRC in recent months has resulted in the attached clarifications, which apply to all land drilling contractors in the State of Texas.
13 June 2014 IADC Task Group Review of RRC Rule 13 and API Std 53
On 3 June, IADC held a workshop on the Texas Railroad Commission Rule 13 and API Standard 53. As a result of the workshop, IADC has submitted a letter listing issues raised by the blanket use of Std 53 in Rule 13.
24 January 2014 Statewide Rule 13 Workshop
On December 19th, 2013, IADC hosted a meeting regarding the Railroad Commission’s Statewide Rule 13 and the application of API Standard 53. District Director Arnold Ott gave the above attached presentation. Upon conclusion of the meeting, many questions still remained primarily pertaining to B.O.P certifications. As an effort to assist our members, IADC is collaborating with the Railroad Commission in order to reach clarification on the new rule.
Updated 11 June 2014 State Oil & Gas Drilling Rules

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