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vPSI Group, LLC provides consulting services in all areas of Risk, Safety, Environment and Health, with significant experience of risk assessment and management during both design and operational phases of projects. A specialty of vPSI Group, LLC is improving how organizations efficiently and effectively identify, assimilate, systemize and sustain new learnings from unplanned events such as incidents, near misses, business interruptions, non-productive time and production problems. In addition, vPSI Group, LLC applies risk management principles to sustainability, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues to assist companies in understanding and mitigating sustainability & ESG risks. To further enhance risk management within companies, vPSI Group, LLC are experts in developing and delivery engaging and effective training across all demographic groups and at all levels of the organization. Over the last 15 years, vPSI Group, LLC has developed and delivered Risk, Safety, Environment and Health training to thousands of employees in over 500 companies operating at all stages of the hydrocarbon exploitation cycle from exploration, drilling and project development to refining and transportation.

Contact: Sue Staley, Sustainability Director
Email: sstaley@vpsigroup.com
Phone: +1.713.460.8888

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