Know Your Accident Problems

Know Your Accident Problems

Let’s define what we mean by the word accident.

An accident is an unplanned event that interrupts the completion of an activity and that may include both injury and/or property damage.

In order to do anything about accidents at your rig, your driller must know several things:

  1. Know that an accident has occurred. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you report all accidents to him. Tell him where it happened.
  2. He must know how it occurred. Describe to him what happened.  Tell him what you think caused it, the manner in which the person was injured, the unsafe act, the unsafe condition and the body part injured.
  3. He must reason as to why it happened. If you have any suggestions, he’ll welcome them.
  4. Report all “near miss” incidents. Often the difference between a near miss and a injury or equipment damage is just inches.
  5. Report unsafe equipment/conditions.

After compiling all this information he will be able to schedule first things first and take decisive action to prevent such an accident in the future—your future.

The steps to accident prevention are simple ones:

  1. See and know job hazards—investigate every accident.
  2. Correct things causing the most serious problems first.
  3. Review rig accident experiences.
  4. Make systematic inspections of the rig.
  5. Discuss the accident in detail with all employees on the rig.
    1. Why
    2. When
    3. Where
    4. How
    5. Most importantly PREVENTION to keep it from happening again.