Hand Tool Safety: Clamps, Snips, Toolboxes

Hand Tool Safety: Clamps, Snips, Toolboxes


  • Do not use the C-clamp for hoisting materials.
  • Do not use the C-clamp as a permanent fastening device.


  • Wear your safety glasses or safety goggles when using snips to cut materials.
  • Wear your work gloves when cutting materials with snips.
  • Do not use straight-cut snips to cut curves.
  • Keep the blade aligned by tightening the nut and bolt on the snips.
  • Do not use snips as a hammer, screwdriver or pry bar.
  • Use the locking clip on the snips after you have finished using them.


  • Use the handle when opening and closing a drawer or door of a toolbox, chest, or cabinet.
  • Tape over or file off sharp edges on toolboxes, chests or cabinets.
  • Do not stand on toolboxes, chests or cabinets to gain extra height.
  • Clean tools before replacing them in the toolbox.
  • Lock the wheels on large toolboxes, chests or cabinets to prevent them from rolling.
  • Push large chests, cabinets and toolboxes; do not pull them.
  • Do not open more than one drawer of a toolbox at a time.
  • Close and lock all drawers and doors before moving the tool chest to a new location.
  • Do not move a toolbox, chest or cabinet if it has loose tools or parts on the top.