Alert 15-09 Near Miss- Dropped Six Pound Sledge Hammer

Alert 15-09 Near Miss- Dropped Six Pound Sledge Hammer


During drilling operations it was noticed that the vibrating hose connecting the sections of stand pipe between the strong back and mast stem was leaking. The rig shut down and removed the damaged vibrating hose while waiting for a replacement to arrive on location. Prior to installing the replacement hose, the derrickman retrieved the stop drop tool kit and other required tools. A six pound sledge hammer with a tethered tool lanyard was selected and clipped to his boatswain belt; he then raised himself into position with the “man rider.” While being raised the sledge hammer hung up under a mast girt causing the ring on the tool lanyard to fail, this allowed the hammer to fall approximately 20 feet to the rig floor. The hammer landed by the iron roughneck, about 10 feet away from the flagger who was positioned on the driller’s side of the setback area.