Alert 13 – 02 Lack of Coordination During Rig-Up Leads to Injuries

Alert 13 – 02 Lack of Coordination During Rig-Up Leads to Injuries


During rig-up, rig personnel were attempting to install a diagonal stabilization brace on the substructure; however, the brace would not fit into place. A forklift was used to push the substructure which would allow the brace to line up and be pinned. At the same time, two employees were attempting to install the rolling catwalk directly over the open cellar (approximately 15 feet/4.5m above ground level). When the forklift pushed on the substructure, the wheels of the catwalk, which the employees were standing on, sheared off. Both employees and the catwalk fell to the ground. One employee fell to the ground and the other fell into the cellar. Both employees suffered injuries.