Alert 11 – 30 Accidental Triggering of Power Washer Results in Foot Injury

Alert 11 – 30 Accidental Triggering of Power Washer Results in Foot Injury


The injured person sustained a severe injury to his foot with the power washer while cleaning out the mud pit. The injured person was cleaning the mud pit and was using the power washer and super sucker to cut a path to the jet barrel. The sludge under the injured person’s feet gave way and the injured person lost his balance. In an attempt to catch himself, the injured person tried to use the wand as a cane. The injured person inadvertently placed the tip of the wand on top of his foot and while falling pulled the trigger spraying water set at 1500 psi through his boot and also through his foot. The foot was severely injured and the injured person was admitted to the hospital for observation and scheduled for surgery to remove the debris from his foot. The injured person could lose his foot if the infection doesn’t improve.