Alert 11 – 05 Fall Incident During Rig Up Results in Fatal Injuries

Alert 11 – 05 Fall Incident During Rig Up Results in Fatal Injuries


A drilling rig was being re-assembled on a new well location. The driller was working with a crane operator and another drilling rig employee to properly position the doghouse on the rig platform. To ensure the doghouse was in its proper position, the driller laid down on a folding work platform adjacent to the doghouse. The platform had been placed on the rig supports, but was not secured in place. As the driller moved out onto this platform it tilted and fell, causing him to fall 5 meters (16.5 feet) with the platform landing on top of him. The other drilling rig employee immediately summoned help. The platform was removed from on top of the employee and first aid was rendered. Following arrival of the emergency services, the driller was confirmed to have died.