Alert 10 – 26 Crane Lifting Operation Results in a Fatality

Alert 10 – 26 Crane Lifting Operation Results in a Fatality


The incident occurred on the starboard aft pipe deck and involved the removal of a non-magnetic drill collar from its transport basket and laying it out in the adjacent open bay. The injured party (IP) and another roustabout carried out the slinging of the collar in preparation for lifting. The injured party, who was the designated banksman (signalman), signaled the crane operator to lift the collar out of the basket. As the lift progressed, the other roustabout involved in the lifting operation realized that the boom was not properly positioned over the load and called for a stop. By this time the collar was clear of the basket and swung towards the injured party who was clear of it as it passed. The collar struck the protective beams, and on its return swing, the collar impacted the IP in the lower left abdomen area. The IP was transported onshore and received medical attention, but expired two days later.