Alert 10 – 05 Dropped Objects Result in Two LTIs

Alert 10 – 05 Dropped Objects Result in Two LTIs


Two lost time incidents occurred on separate occasions when employees were struck by falling rubber guides from Top Drive Back Up Wrenches (BUW).
Incident one: The rig had finished drilling the well and was in process of making a wiper trip. The driller attempted to break a stand at the top drive connection. The BUW was positioned incorrectly grabbing one part of cross -over sub. The torque boost was used to break the connection at the upper well control valve safety clamp. This caused the clamp to fall on top of the BUW. The driller proceeded to pick up the stand and to make the connection at the rotary table. The driller started pulling the  rill string when the lower safety clamp on the bottom part of the BUW caught the stabbing rubber guides and the holding bolts were sheared off thus; allowing the rubber guides to fall 95 feet to the rig floor striking the IP.
Incident two: While pulling out of the hole to make up a new bottom-hole assembly, the Assistant Driller broke out the TD connection at monkeyboard. The driller then picked up the blocks to check to see that the top drive was screwed out of the stand. He then lowered the blocks hitting top of the drill pipe stand. The rubber guide’s holding bolts sheared off allowing it to fall to the rig floor (approximately 100 feet). The IP was struck in the face and cheek.