Alert 08 – 34 Fatal Incident Occurs During Rig Move Activity

Alert 08 – 34 Fatal Incident Occurs During Rig Move Activity


The Barge Captain onboard a Self Erecting Tender Rig was fatally injured while assisting in the landing of the Drillers Cantilever, a 55t section of the Drilling Equipment Set, which was being lowered to the Tender Bow deck during Rig Down operations. The weather at the time was favorable and radio communications was operating without fault. The lift was going according to plan and was positioned above the raised Bow Deck. The Banksman (Signalman) (on port side) continued to give the crane operator instructions on where and when to move, stopping regularly for the load to settle and receive the all clear from the Barge Captain on Starboard side, before continuing the lowering operation.

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