Alert 07 – 18 Dropped Object – Satellite Dome

Alert 07 – 18 Dropped Object – Satellite Dome


It was necessary to move the satellite dome on a Mobile Offshore rig. A set of nylon straps was used to remove a telephone satellite dome from the aft location to the bow. When it was to be landed on the pilothouse the shackles would not allow it to sit properly. It was put on boards and the shackles were taken off. The crews rigged up a 2” nylon ratchet strap that was run through the eyes of the nylon slings around the base of the dome. The dome was picked up 4” and everything was checked to make sure the load was distributed evenly. The dome was picked up 4 feet and stopped to remove a shackle that was not initially removed; the dome fell to the deck causing severe damage to the dome.

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