Alert 04 – 06 Repair Work Results in Eye Injury

Alert 04 – 06 Repair Work Results in Eye Injury


A hydraulic hose failed on an Iron Roughneck assembly. In order for the Maintenance team to identify the location of the failure, the hydraulics was reinstated and the PHM Iron Roughneck functioned. The person who was subsequently injured was standing approx 12 feet away and was in the process of removing a compactor bag of protectors from the Drill Floor when a jet of hydraulic oil struck him. The injured person was wearing safety glasses at the time however some hydraulic oil found it’s way into his left eye. The injured person’s eye was flushed with eyewash both on the rig floor and at the Medic’s office. He was then transported to an eye clinic for further assessment where it was found that he was unfit to return to work.

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