Alert 03 – 28 Tong Incident Results in a Fatality

Alert 03 – 28 Tong Incident Results in a Fatality


The rig floor crew was making up drill pipe prior to running into the hole to land the PBR on the tubing string. The rotary brake was used to hold the pipe in the rotary from turning. The Lead Floorman (Injured Person – IP) was operating a backup manual pipe tong while torquing a stand of drill pipe with the top drive system. As the Driller began to see the spinner torque-up the drill pipe, he released the rotary brake, to transfer the torque to the backup manual pipe tong. As the torque was transferred to the backup pipe tong it moved in a clockwise position and the IP became caught between the snub line and backup pipe tong lever. The IP was evacuated from the rig and later died from the injuries.

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