IADC Comments on Department of Interior’s Suspension of Drilling Permits

IADC Comments on Department of Interior’s Suspension of Drilling Permits

For Immediate Release

Houston (21 January 2021) – Today the Department of Interior issued a temporary suspension on the approval of new drilling permits on federal land as part of President Biden’s pledge to halt oil and gas development in an effort to combat climate change. IADC President, Jason McFarland, issued the following statement in response:

“IADC strongly opposes any effort to categorically restrict leasing activities on federal lands or in federal waters and remains steadfast in supporting policies that enable safe and efficient drilling activities in the U.S. and abroad. Preventing executive agencies from proceeding with well-established federal leasing processes only serves to hamstring the American businesses that are in the best position to move our nation’s energy outlook forward.”

The U.S. requires energy policies that encourage robust energy exploration and production and fuel our economy, particularly given current economic conditions. The drilling industry has consistently demonstrated innovation and improved safety measures that protect employees and the environment. Policies that impede development also hamper U.S. economic growth and increase reliance on foreign oil.


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