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IADC distributes HSE Alerts to Members as they are received. All Alerts issued will be archived on this web site. We welcome your ideas for future Safety Alerts.

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5 March 2000

Alert 00 – 09 Ground/Bonding Wire

Alert 00 – 09 Ground/Bonding Wire WHAT HAPPENED: A contract service company that cleans tanks and vessels experienced an explosion inside a special high-capacity vacuum truck used to
6 August 1999

Alert 99 – 25 Elevator Fatality

Alert 99 – 25 Elevator Fatality WHAT HAPPENED: A dry-dock shipyard incident resulted in a fatality when a shipyard elevator operator fell from the elevator just below its
6 August 1999

Alert 99 – 24 Cementing Casing

Alert 99 – 24 Cementing Casing WHAT HAPPENED: After running approximately 1,600 feet of 8-5/8 inch casing a floorhand climbed onto the top of the casing and cementing