IADC Accreditation & Credentialing

Enhancing Workforce Competence

IADC’s industry-developed programs ensure adherence to recognized standards and address industry demand for a higher level of competence for all workers.


IADC’s WellSharp accreditation program provides comprehensive well control training standards for the global drilling and well servicing industries, emphasizing rigorous training for every person with well control responsibilities. WellSharp provides trainees with in-depth knowledge, well-honed role-specific skills, and greater confidence that they know what to do to prevent and handle well control incidents.


  • Centralized online testing system, designed for maximum test integrity
  • Immediate test results and feedback based on learning objectives
  • Independently proctored assessments
  • Strengthened instructor qualification requirements

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Countries in which
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WellSharp Live

WellSharp Live leverages technology to offer live, instructor-led training courses to support ongoing training and learning. This remote learning option maintains the same quality and integrity that WellSharp is known for, offering an interactive learning environment and real-time quality monitoring throughout the course, as well as course assessment proctoring.


IADC’s Rig Pass® program is an accreditation system delivering a standardized safety orientation program for new employees, preparing the employees for almost any operating environment, at almost any site, onshore or offshore.

For a quarter of a century, IADC RigPass HSE Accreditation ensures that training providers teach the fundamentals of drilling safety, regardless of rig location.

  • Developed by the Industry for the Industry
  • Higher Standards, Higher Quality
  • Offered Internationally

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IADC Accreditation & Credentialing

Encouraging the brightest and best to pursue careers in our industry is just the start. Once recruited, providing them with the tools they need to competently perform their job duties sets them on a successful path to rise through the ranks.

– Kevin Neveu, IADC 2019 Chair

Special Projects

IADC’s Knowledge Retention & Education for our Workforce (KREW) system addresses well-researched knowledge decay issues that exist across all industries. KREW is designed to improve retention of well control concepts an enhance knowledge and skills, particularly during the two-year period between required training.

The system is designed to:

  • Measure effectiveness of learning opportunities offered via continuous learning library (CLL); and
  • Guide individual learning opportunities based on analytics and industry-wide learning gaps.