Company Bio

Why are we doing what we do?

DrillSoft® is dedicated to empower and inspire the industry so that together we can improve how we operate and provide the world with energy through safer, sustainable and environmentally cautious drilling practices.

How are we doing this?

DrillSoft® is committed to provide cutting edge, transient and real-time drilling hydraulics solutions to better plan and execute drilling operations and to be prepared for all events that may jeopardize the safety of our people and environment. 

What are we doing? 

DrillSoft® delivers budget friendly and highly accurate drilling hydraulics software to help our industry with the planning and execution phase of their drilling operations. DrillSoft® achieves its mission by staying proactive and continuously improving to add new features and models to the software it provides. The focus of DrillSoft® is the future, to become a company at the forefront of innovation known for its groundbreaking and user friendly drilling hydraulics solutions. 

Date Founded: 2017
Category: Drilling Software, Automation, and Dynamic Drilling


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DrillSoft specializes in Dynamic Pressure Drilling (MPD/UBD), developing tools that facilitate calculation quickly and accurately through a friendly and reliable interface. Our products are fully compatible with the latest cutting-edge technology and it adapts to a wide variety of PLC’s through different communication protocols.



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DrillSoft® HDX is a single-phase transient well model that calculates and evaluates down-hole Pressures and Temperatures during drilling, circulating and shut-in operations for Land and Deep-Water Offshore Wells. DrillSoft® HDX provides a wide range of tools to plan wells. These features include:


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DrillSoft® HDX+ is a multiphase transient well model expanding on the Drillsoft HDX features with additional features such as Kick Simulation, Rapid Transient Influx Management Envelope, Jet Nozzles, Torque and Drag to empower the user with all necessary tools to plan the hydraulics for any well.


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DrillSoft Real-Time can take all WITS0, WITSML and PLC signals from EDR and PWD/MWL companies or separated signal either Serial or TCP/IP. Bidirectional communication is possible (send and receive using the same cable). Additionally, it offers Real-Time monitoring by sending via web to a dedicated server signal. This option requires internet in-situ (Rig site).


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With DrillSoft® PMCD you can visualize and monitor the different fluids in the well schematic, keep track of reverse flow volumes and changes in pressure. DrillSoft® PMCD simplifies understanding, planning and execution of PMCD procedures and operations.

Key Features

Influx Management Envelope (IME)

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The Influx Management Envelope (IME) is a guide to assess the limitations for the MPD equipment in case an influx is encountered. DrillSoft HDX+ provides the tool necessary to rapidly produce transient IME to aid with the planning and execution of a well. The output above displays the transient IME which incorporates solubility and compressibility and the changes created by pressure and temperature.

Kick Simulation

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The Kick Simulator tool is capable of simulating well control events in land and offshore wells using water, oil and synthetic based muds while incorporating solubility and compressibility coupled with the pressure and temperature changes to deliver accurate solutions

Choke Control

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Our Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are integrated for choke automation. All the features from DrillSoft’s HDX software are available with our PLCs.