Cudd Well Control

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For over 40 years, Cudd Well Control has been the leader for rapid well control response and engineering services worldwide. Our rich history, tradition and experience continue to drive our people to provide superior services across all well phases. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification highlights our commitment to providing quality solutions.

CWC is strategically positioned to respond to operations around the world; working with oil and gas producers, drilling contractors, well servicing companies, regulatory agencies, insurance carriers, and underground storage operators to help mitigate risks. We help you prepare for emergencies through advanced planning and training programs to uncover vulnerabilities and establish procedures for a safer working environment.

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  • Well Control
  • Kick Resolution
  • Oil and Gas Well Firefighting
  • Blowout Response
  • Pressure Control
  • Surface Interventions
  • Subsea Well Control
  • Well Recovery Operations


  • Rig Inspection / Well Control Equipment Inspection
  • Relief Well Planning / Dynamic Kill Modeling
  • Kick Modeling / Gas Dispersion Modeling
  • Operating Plan Review
  • Blowout Contingency Plans
  • Regulatory Compliance Verification
  • Shear Ram Calculations / Verification
  • Basic / Advanced Well Control Rig Training
  • Development of Well Control and / or Drilling Manuals
  • Operator Training and Emergency Drills


  • Surface and Subsea Hot Tap Operations
  • Crygenic Freeze Operations
  • Gate Valve Drilling

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